Clan History

Definition of Brujah
The Brujah clan was the first,they have seen many others others arise and disappear as time has passed, they have witnessed the formation the sabbat and caitiff and know the final times are at hand. Brujah stand alone, for all others fear them, and conspire amongst themselves to bring about their downfall. But we are a rock. And as the storm rages against us,we shall weather it,and prevail. For when the storm has spent its fury,and fled in tattered fragments we shall still stand. We shall be the last. To the Brujah Neonate Welcome to the ranks of the damned childe. Some call it a curse others a blessing. If you ask me it's only what you make of it. You are a vampire, and a Brujah at that. With it comes great power and great responsibility. It is our job to break the despotic grip of our elders and free us all from the opression of those damned blue bloods. Do not be angry with you fellow Brujah for how they treat you. They seek only to test your mettle, to make you stronger. In our Kindred society it's the law of the jungle kill or be killed. We are a clan at war, and in war only the strong survive. Remember no matter how badly your Brujah brethren treat you it is not even one tenth of the punishment that a Prince will visit upon you if you allow yourself to get under his boot. Of all the seven clans of the Camarilla we were the mightiest, but we are also the ones who have lost the most. Once we were the rulers of a great city. It was the perfect society, we lived in peace with the kine. We guided their development, enlightened their minds, and they in return gave willingly of their bodies to provide us sustainance. We were not greedy, we shared this with all of our kindred brethren, we opened our arms to all and embraced our Toreador brothers when they came to us, to our beloved Carthage. Together we opened the minds of the kine. The Toreador taught them art, and we taught them to think for themselves. Together we created the the greatest city rivaled only by Enoch, the first city, the kingdom of Caine, the creator of us all, so say the legends. But our Utopia didn't last forever the Ventrue, damn those blue bloods, were jealous of what we had, they feared that which they did not understand. And in their jealousy they destroyed that which we had spent centuries building. However we did not fall because of weakness, Carthage fell because we were betrayed. The Toreador, caring for nothing other than their art and fearing the Ventrue, betrayed us, sold us out to our enemies, and for this we will hate them till the day Gehenna is upon us. It is said that Troile, our founder fought alone in the final moments of Carthage's fall. He ultimately fell, battling overwhelming odds, but not before making the streets run blue with the blood of the Ventrue invaders.
The Past:
    The Brujah are at war. So most of them believe. They hate the Ventrue, who destroyed their founder´s dream of Carthage. They despise the Toreador, whom they view as the Ventrue´s allies. They Distrust the Tremere, Malkavians and Nosferatu, who have their own secret schemes. The Gangrel are too foreign, too alien. Furthermore, the Brujah created more Caitiff than any other clan. The clanless ones would like nothing better than to strike out at those who created, then scorned them. Enemies everywhere. The only Solution is to lash out to any who oppose them. While other clans scheme, only the direct action of the Brujah can disrupt their plans. While classifying all the Brujah is an exercise in futility, the clan has three major fractions. The first and largest are the Iconclasts, the true anarchs. They lash out at anyone and everyone, with no respect for any organization or establishment. History is of no use to them: the here and now is what counts. Only the Masquerade limits their actions, and the only reason they respect that is of self-preservation. The Second camp is the Idealists, wich consists mostly of older Brujah. Most Brujah elders are Idealists, looking to the past for guidance and wisdom. Some still remember Carthage, and its founders´ dreams of a perfect society of vampires. Idealists believe the Brujah should unite to achieve these dreams. Iconclasts consider them as sellouts. They figure a Brujah elder has traded his heritage for a comfortable seat on a city´s council. The third camp, the Individualists is the smallest but most successful. The combine the traits of Iconclast and Idealist. they try to work together for the good of the clan. However, they do not insist others to obey their orders, like the Idealists do.