Other Clans

Gangrel - These animal-types are okay fighters. However, they care
more about the Great Outdoors than fighting in the streets. When our
interests match, then sometimes they'll help out. If we can get them on our
side, well and good. If not, stuff'em.

Malkavian - Vampires call this clan "Kooks" for good reason. Some
make fine anarchs, some make equally fine lackeys for the princes. If one
has proven himself to you, you can probably trust him. They've always got
some good insights into whatever's going on. Just don't take your eyes off

Nosferatu - This is the only clan we really get along with. Most princes
are Ventrue or Toreador, and those two clans want nothing to do with
Sewer Rats. The Nosferatu have got their own plans, sure, who can
blame them for that? When they choose to get involved, though it is almost
always on the side of the anarchs instead of the princes. One important
thing to remember though, Don't tell anything to a Nosferatu that you don't
want every kindred in the world to know. They will sell any information
for the right price.

Toreador -These art snobs are almost as obnoxious as the Ventrue.
That's enough of an excuse right there to take on the clan. They're almost
as bad as the Ventrue when it comes to ruling cities. If they could throw a
decent party, it might be a different story. Never forget their betrayal at
Carthage. Don't hold that against the young ones that may have proven
themselves to you, but never forget that Carthage is proof of what their
cowardice is capable of.

Tremere -These mage guys are the most untrustworthy of all clans.
They always got plans within plans within plans to the nth degree. Half the
time even they don't know what they've got planned. And who's going to
trust them as anarchs? The most important thing to remember about them
is never let one get a hold of so much as a drop of your blood.

Ventrue -rThe Enemy!! They stand for everything we hate. Esteem,
high society and organization are what they value most. Of course, that's
why more princes are Ventrue than of any other clan. The elders may go
on about how the Ventrue ruined their "Dream of Carthage," but that's
centuries of old news. they've got more than enough against us here and
now to worry about why the whole thing started.