Clan Requirements & Laws

 Requirements to Join:

                   HP: N/A
               Mana:  N/A
               Move:  N/A
               Hitroll: N/A
           Damroll :  N/A
                AC:  N/A
     Basic Stances:   N/A
Advanced Stances:  N/A
                Spells:  N/A

     As you can see, Brujah doesn't have requirements in the usual fashion.  Brujah are chosen, and then taken in.  Don't seek to be a member for your life might be in danger.  To become a member of Brujah, aprince must like you and you have to be accpeted by the clan.  Once that is done, you are Brujah.

Clan Laws:

1.  Obey Malice and your princes in all things.
2.  Protect and defend the clan name "Brujah" against all who besmirch it .
3.  Be the best.
4.  Just be the most brutual person on the mud.