The History of Ventrue

   In the beginning there were none. When the sun began it's Final Sunset upon the land, all the Ventrue elders had retreated into Torpor, and all the young kindred had succum to their fate, in one way or another. When the other clans began to awaken from their sleep, there was no order, no structure in the world.

   Until, after many centuries, awakened Serj, the Vampire Prince.

   Before he had entered his slumber he had served the noble ranks of Ventrue, and knew no other life. At once he found and sired the most powerful, and the most regal, being he could find - Jarek.

   Jarek quickly grew in strength, all the while gaining wisdom and honour. Jarek's youthful strength and his unabaited appetite lead the creation of Slycer. Slycer and Jarek became blood brothers, and to this day have not met an enemy who could best them. While Jarek and Slycer grew in power, the clan also grew in number - Draven, Ishah, Suzetta and Trance were all found fit for nobility in the early days. But surviving as a Ventrue is not an easily completed task. Out of the four young mortals, only Trance remains as a Princess, the rest having failed to cope with the stresses of the royal unlife. One other Vampire has since disappeared from the ranks of the Ventrue - Shinobi, a strange creature, one trained as a ninja has seemingly met his maker. However, though these Kindred have failed to (live) up to the mark of Ventrue, two more powerful Vampires have bolstered Ventrue's supremicy of the Camarilla. Anneke and ArAziel exist today as Ventrue Princes, bound together by blood to serve and lead the land.

   While the Ventrue have encountered their share of trials and tripulations, even the attempts of the other Kindred have not caused any serious dismay amongst them. Under the leadership of Serj, the Ventrue continued to display their domination of the world, sometimes resorting to brutish, uncharacteristic tactics to make there voices heard. Serj was taking away the traditional regallity of the clan and replacing it with an iron fisted style of ruling. This seemed to disturb the Vampire gods, because without any prolonged delay, another elder awakened from his Torpor. Moebius, the Leader of Nobility was re-animated, and returned to his rightful place, atop the ranks of the Camarilla. While Moebius was outraged with the structure of Serj's Ventrue, himself being a Ventrue, he did not seek to wrest control of the clan for himself, merely to reinstate some of the ancient tradations of nobility.

   Ventrue, under this joint leadership, has prospered, Jarek and Slycer becoming arguably the two strongest beings in the land, an incredible surge of power by Trance and a rebirth of sorts for the troubled ArAziel.

   As the sun sets upon the land, you can be sure that where it settles will be decided by the Ventrue.

As of 9 January 2002