In the beginning, there was Eden, and so there was the land of Nod.
Caine and Abel, two brothers, children of Adam, inhabited Eden with their father.
One day, the One Above called for a sacrifice. Caine, born with an affinity
towards nature and plants, brought fourth his finest saplings, his most tender
seeds, to sacrifice as the best part of himself. Abel, who had sought friendship
among the animals, sacrificed his sweetest calves and youngest creatures.
The blood from Abel's sacrifice smelled sweet to the One Above, and he was blessed.
Caine only received a harsh word from the One Above. He was despondent, depressed at
having failed. The next time Adam called for a sacrifice, Caine brought nothing.
Abel asked him, "Brother, why have you not brought what you love to sacrifice?"
Caine replied, "I have," and with that, drove sharp things through Abel on the altar,
sacrificing what he loved most.

       Adam cursed Caine, as did the One Above, casting him into the Land of Nod, to spend
the rest of his life among the savage natives of Nod. It was there that Lilith, Adam's first wife,
also cursed, came to Caine. She offered solace and friendship, for she was a powerful
Sorcerer, and filled with dark magicks. She wove him clothes from nothing, she created
shelter for him from nothing, she fed him from nothing. Caine grew weary and asked Lilith to
show him these secrets, so that he may do these things for himself.
       "I know not what will happen to one who is truly cursed by the One Above," she
answered. But Caine was persistent, and eventually, she drew vitae from herself into a bowl,
and commanded Caine to drink of it.

       Caine fell into the abyss, entering an awareness he had before not been able to attain.
Three angels came to him, offering forgiveness from Abel, Adam and finally from the
One Above. To each, Caine responded, "Only may I forgive myself, not even the One Above
has a say in this." So each cursed him: He and his childer will live forever in torment,
only able to drink blood and eat ashes, and fear both the sun and life-giving flame.
Caine was horrified - He tore at his hair, beat the ground with his fists. And he awoke.
He saw the world as it truly was, how to mold non-existence into existence. With this
he created the Vampiric Disciplines.
       We are Childer of Caine, gifted with extraordinary powers, but cursed to walk the world
only in moonlight, and to drink blood from the Children of Seth, the Kine, the mortals.
Some of us will live forever; others will perish.
Everyday is a struggle in the Jyhad, clan upon clan, Cainite upon Cainite, in a war of both subtle
politics and open battle.

Join us.. For the Final Sunset.