Rebirth Of Apocalypse

The Rebirth of The Apocalypse


God Wars: Rebirth of Apocalypse based upon GodWars: Apocalypse by Steve Read aka Shimian, and Tiago Dionizio aka Zoth.

GodWars: The Apocalypse based upon GodWars Deluxe, created by Richard Woolcock aka KaVir. Thanks go to the following people (in no particular order of help given):


KaVir - for allowing us to run GodWars: Deluxe

Shimian - for keeping going against all adversity

Peri - For helping to keep the mud in order and writing the webpage (GW:Apoc that is)

Kyrian - for helping us get our first host.

Melody(Starre) - for spending all of her time on the MUD, she is still sorely missed

Zoth - for converting the codebase to C++ and making it less resource intensive


Zoth - for sending us this 2004 version of the Apocalypse code

Kurat - for allowing us to run this code

Aegir - for screwing up GW: Apocalypse making people want to come play here

Epic - for his coding and ideas

Tseug - for his coding

Nevermore - for his enforcing and building

Riplakish - for his enforcing and building

Meredith - for her building

Horadrim - for Joining the team and dealing with player/immortal issues

Ninian - for her Area building

Pyro - For spending time to create this website for us

The Players - for chosing the right version of Apocalypse to play

Class Help Files


Thank you's to: Payn, Kyzel, Apothecary, Warchild, Trinder, Apollo and Status.


Thank you's to: McGill, RipaKiss, Blare, Draco and Ichigo


Thank you's to: Booger, Satori, NELLY, Raw, Azkaban, Karridan and Skittles

Some of the Mage information was originally taken from "A Mage's Primer" written by LxS


Thank you's to: Tragon, Neo, HeRo, Divino and Leanna


Thank you's to: Surgeon, Prince , Lykan, Aveldon, Ramirez and Lycaon

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