Rebirth Of Apocalypse

The Rebirth of The Apocalypse




The help system and syntax of Rebirth of Apocalypse is very simple.The syntax is as follows

help syntax

If the help engine does not find your term, it will supply you with a list of approximate help files which may contain the term you are searching for; e.g.

help starts

This will provide you with the following screen

---------------------------------------------------[ Help Not Found ]-------------------------------------------------

The helpfile you asked for did not exist, perhaps one of the following entries are what you are looking for. The list contains all helpfiles that are spelled roughly the same as or contain the keyword 'starts'



The next logical step is to then input the correct helpfile name in your help syntax string.




The hsearch feature also uses the same method, but which you, the user attempts to manually search for the helpfile; e.g.

The term hsearch starts will provide you with the following screen

-----------------------------------------------------[ Search Results ]------------------------------------------------

The following helpfile entries are the results when searching for the keyword 'starts'. There may still exist helpfiles on the subject which were not found with this search tool.

start backstab berserk bs disarm kick punch kill description follow group staredown


The above terms can then be used with the help command to then view the respective help file.