Rebirth Of Apocalypse

The Rebirth of The Apocalypse




There are two types of questing - card questing and custom questing. With card questing, you collect 4 items and when complete punch the card through the quest machine which will provide you with a token which you should eat. This type of questing will allow you to improve your equipment such as weapons and armour. Custom questing is a newer form of questing for those who have status that will allow you to help expand on your clan's headquarters or customise the messages on your own character.


Card Questing


Cast Quest

This spell creates a quest card. The quest-point value of the card is the same as the amount of primal the caster has at the time of casting (and this primal is used up during the casting of the spell). No more than 100 primal will be used on any one casting of this spell.

HINT: When making quest cards you can spend any amount of primal up to 100, but that's all the card will ever be worth. Making the card worth less than 100 qps each time will not make it any easier when you have to get the items for questing, so you may as well make it worth the full 100 qps.


Completing the Quest Card

A quest card requires 4 objects to complete. To find out what 4 objects you need, type 'complete card'. When you find these items, you should type 'complete card object'. Once you have completed all 4 items on the card you will be told that you have completed the card. Then you should go and find the dark crypt, where there is a machine, and type 'recharge card machine'. You will receive a quest token reward, which you should eat, and the card will be recharged with 4 new items to find.

HINT: Vallandar's tomb can be found by going 2 south, 7 east, 2 north from recall. Once you have found that area, you should look for the guardian and solve his riddle, enter the portal he creates, and you'll be at the quest machine.



To make a transporter, simply get to the room you want to make the transporter to, have an item you want to use as the transporter, and type q item transporter

Once that is done, any time you wish to visit the transporter room, wield/wear the transporter and type activate item.

HINT: It's usually a good idea to rename your transporters and put a keyword on them so you know where they go. ie, q ball rename trans sphinx or q head keyword sphinx, for example, if you wanted to name a transporter that goes to the sphinxes.


Getting Quest Trusted

The requirements for getting quest trusted are:

A 100 point quest card
500 earned quest points

Once you meet these requirements you can type quest trust. Once you are quest trusted you can use the QUEST command to change the name/long/short descriptions on an object, as well as change the wear location.

The Quest Command

Typing quest will give you the following screen.Some examples of how to use this command follow below.

On equipment you make yourself (using q create item) you can put double the stat bonuses, and on quest weapons,4 times the stats.

--------------------------------------------------[ QUEST ITEM COSTS ]---------------------------------------------
Rename: Renames the object for 1 QP.
Keyword: Add one or more object keywords.
Transporter: Future transportation to that room. Costs 50 QP.
Str, Dex, Int, Wis, Con. max = 3 each, at 20 quest points per +1 stat.
Hp, Mana, Move. max = 25 each, at 5 quest points per point.
Hitroll, Damroll max = 5 each, at 30 quest points per point.
Ac max = -25, at 10 points per point.
Protection: Sets AC on armour at 1 QP per point.
Min/Max: Sets min/max damage on weapon at 1 QP per point.
Weapon: Sets weapon type for 10 QP.
Extra (add/remove): Glow(1/1), Hum(1/1), Invis(1/1), Anti-Good(1/10),
Anti-Neutral(1/10), Anti-Evil(1/10), Loyal(10/1),
Power: Spell power for spell weapons. Costs 1 QP per power point.
Spell: Spell weapons or affect. Costs 50 QP.
Wear: Select location, costs 20 QP's. Type 'quest obj wear' to see locations.
Weight: Remove the weight of an object, costs 10 QP's.
-------------------------------------------------[ QUEST ITEM COSTS ]----------------------------------------------


q longsword extra anti-evil
This will either add the anti-evil flag on a longsword, or remove it if it's there already.

q ball rename slashing weapon of -=DOOM!=-
This will rename an item called ball to 'slashing weapon of -=DOOM!=-'.

q head transporter
This will make you a transporter.

Making Tokens

Token amount will allow you to create a quest token, with the value of the token set to the value specified. The token's value must be within 1 and 100, and it cannot be greater than the number of quest points you currently have.


Quest Website

For those of us who suck at questing, someone put up a quest website to help us. Help Quest-Website will get you there;or here is the alternate link.


Customised Questing

With Customised Questing,you have to complete four types of tasks to earn custom points. 'Custom list' will provide you with the list of tasks you are required to complete.


1) Goto a room. E.g. Market Square
Syntax : custom 1 room

2) Visit a mob. E.g. The executioner
Syntax : custom 2 executioner

3) Kill a mob. E.g. The executioner
Syntax : custom 3 corpse (DO NOT autosacrifice the corpse!!!!!!)

4) Collect an item. E.g. a fork
Syntax : custom 4 fork

Then when you have completed all the tasks type 'custom recharge'.

For the successful completion of 4 tasks 50 custom points or your status level (whichever is greater) will be awarded. Therefore it's possible to get up to 100 points per customised quest completed.

If you are finding a custom quest too difficult you can type 'custom giveup' for a fresh list of tasks.

Personal Customisation Options include:

* Rank
* Fatality
* Decapitate
* Exit message
* Enter message
* Clear Pkills/Pdeaths

Clan Customisation Options include:

* Room Name/Description
* New Room
* Extra Exits
* Safe room flag
* "No global" flag
* "No trans in" flag
* Link between 2 clans
* Clan Guardian
* Portal Mob
* Extra Portal